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Term 1

Term 1 - Superheroes


During the Autumn term, the children's project is 'Superheroes' which they learn about through their play and our NICS curriculum. The children love reading all about Supertato and investigating the mischievous activity of the Evil Pea and his gang! They also learn all about the parts of our body and how our senses are used to tell us more about the world. We also find out about Real Life superheroes, and in particular learn about the work of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Take a look at our Knowledge Mat below to find out more!

Our Learning

We have had such a busy half term learning all about Superheroes. At the start of the term, we loved reading the story Supertato and used this to create our own Supertatoes and Superveggies. We even had to use our own detective skills when the Evil Pea caused major havoc in our classroom!!! Take a look through the photos to see just some of the learning which has taken place this half term. 

Superheroes Knowledge Mat

Phonics Support Term 1