St Nicolas CE Primary School, Abingdon

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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.’

Maya Angelou


At St Nicolas, we want our Personal, social, health and economic Education (PSHE) to ensure children develop attitudes and values that help them to show respect, empathy, build stable and loving relationships and make good decisions.


Children develop personal and social skills, including self-respect, confidence and empathy as well as the ability to manage emotions and the skills to keep themselves safe. They also learn about the physical and emotional changes we face as we grow older, learning the correct vocabulary to describe themselves and their bodies and how to keep healthy and stay safe.


PSHE is taught using the JIGSAW teaching programme and lessons are delivered by class teachers on a weekly basis.


What you will see: 

  • Classrooms which celebrate diversity, difference and the individuals in our school community.
  • Classes working together to discuss and explore themes of personal safety, wellbeing and friendships. gaging with real-life problems together, collaborating and considering their consumer,
  • Adults supporting children to manage their emotions, co-regulating with them, and providing children with the language they need to express and understand their feelings. 
  • Children being supported to resolve different problems and conflicts that they might encounter with respect and confidence
  • Our whole school community showing respect and empathy towards one another.


What you will hear:

  • Children having meaningful discussions about relationships and health within their safe class community. 
  • Children communicating the ways in which they keep themselves safe in real life and on the internet.
  • Children using age-appropriate vocabulary to talk about their emotions, their communities and their bodies.
  • Children listening to and respecting each other’s views and opinions. 


Zones of Regulation


At St Nicolas, we recognise the importance of promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing to our students and their families. We aim to create an open culture around the discussion of mental health and wellbeing and to empower our children be able to regulate their emotions. By implementing the Zones of Regulation curriculum we aim to teach our pupils to identify emotions in themselves and others and provide them with bank of strategies to help regulate their emotions and improve their wellbeing.