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St Nicolas

Church of England Primary School, Abingdon

Visions and Values

Our Visions & Values


For our pupils:

Above all else, we want our children to work for excellence in all they do. We aim to achieve this by teaching them to the highest standards in ways which closely match pupils’ needs regardless of gender, race or disability. We want all our pupils to develop:

  • Independent minds which love learning and questioning.
  • Qualities of spirit, feeling and imagination.
  • The ability to work hard and succeed at tasks, to work independently and with other people and to appreciate human achievement and endeavours.
  • A sense of self-respect, self-confidence and self-discipline, and an awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of others.
  • The knowledge, skills and practical abilities they will need throughout their lives, at work and play.
  • Essential skills and confidence across the curriculum in preparation for a successful secondary phase of their education.
  • An awareness of, understanding of, and respect for the environment in which they live.
  • A reasoned set of personal attitudes, values and beliefs that support individual  liberties the rule of law and the democratic rights for  all in our wider community.
  • An understanding of the world and their roles and responsibilities as global citizens within it.
  • An awareness that citizens can influence  decisions making through the democratic process.
  • A respect for the religious and moral values of others and their cultures and an willingness to identify and combat discrimination in all its forms


As a Church of England School, we have a particular commitment to the develop the whole person and to teach values based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We aim to provide children with insight into the nature of religious ideas and an adequate knowledge of the Christian faith to equip them for the choices, discoveries and decisions of the future. We believe the Christian faith must be lived as well as taught.

We pride ourselves at St Nicolas for the pastoral care the children receive during their time with the school and continually receive feedback from third parties as to the excellent general behaviour, attitude and well-rounded character of the children.


We want each child to be cared for and valued as an individual.


Standard admission no is: 60 pupils per year group with +4 in Years 3 to 6
Attendance target 2017/18: 96.7