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Katrina Hancock - Chair of Governors

(Co-opted by the Governing Body – experience of governance in other settings)

I became a governor in early 2015 and have two children at St Nicolas – a daughter in Year 3 and a son in Year 1. I have recently given up full time work (as Director of Development for Exeter College, Oxford) to start my own fundraising consultancy and to have more time for the school and with my family. I really love the strategy and governance aspects of my professional life and enjoy bringing that experience into the school setting as Chair of the Governing Body, as a member of the Resources Committee, and as the link Governor for Science. I believe that the school’s holistic approach to education and focus on encouraging each child to make the most of every opportunity is what sets St Nicolas apart, and that its Christian ethos provides an exceptional caring and positive environment in which every child can thrive and succeed, whatever their background or interests. I’m delighted to be serving in this role and to be part of the St Nicolas family.




Mark Halstead - Vice Chair of Governors & Chair of Resources Committee

(Parent Governor – elected by the parent body)

I have been a parent at St Nicolas in 2009 and became a Parent Governor in 2012. I love the breadth of education that our children get at the school, and firmly believe that education isn't just about passing tests. As a Parent Governor, I am there to provide a voice for the 900 plus parents, carers and guardians supporting their children at our school, and for ensuring that their views are considered in the decision making process of the Governing Body. Unlike many Governors, I don't come from a professional education background - I qualified as a Chartered Surveyor, and am now the Director of a local Project Management consultancy. This gives me a unique perspective, both to be able to ask the obvious questions, and to offer the benefits of my wider business experience. I currently chair the Resources Committee, tasked with operational and financial oversight for St Nicolas.

Hugh Price - Chair of Performance and Standards Committee; Pupil Premium

(Local Authority Governor – appointed by the LA)

I started on the Governing Body as a community governor in September 2011, and when that role was discontinued, converted to a Local Authority Governor . My connection to the school was through the boys from St. Nicolas who went on to Abingdon School, where I work in year 7 and 8 as a tutor, so I have seen ex-St. Nics’ boys growing up.
I have lived in Abingdon for 11 years and worked at Abingdon School all that time. My sons are at primary school, though sadly not St. Nics! I see my role of LA Governor as a friendly voice from outside the immediate school community; I sometimes appear in a capacity where it might be awkward for staff or parent governors to be serving. As a teacher myself, I contribute to monitoring the academic performance of the school, on the Performance and Standards Committee, and I am the Pupil Premium 'Champion' who monitors the school in their provision of support for pupils.


Eluned Hallas - Safeguarding

(Foundation Governor – appointed by the Diocese)

As a Foundation Governor I have a particular interest in RE and the spiritual ethos of the school. I wish us to be fully inclusive while also reflecting our status a Church of England School. I work as an administrator and am a former parent at the school. I am a member of the Resources Committee and the After School Club management Committee, and I have also recently taken on the role of Safeguarding Governor



Rev Paul Smith - Special Educational Needs

(Co-opted by the Governing Body – Team Vicar)

I am Team Vicar in the Parish of Abingdon-on-Thames and have served on the Governing Body since I came to Abingdon in 2010. I lead assemblies and end of term services, and I count it a privilege to have the role I do in school. I am also SEN Governor, working closely with Liz Mathers, the SENCO.  Given my own personal experience as someone who suffered a birth injury, resulting in Cerebral Palsy, I am passionate about children with any kind of additional challenge: their inclusion, appropriate care and support, that they make the best possible progress in the whole of their development.

Jayne Todd  - Early Years

(Non-teaching staff governor – position co-opted by the Governing Body, individual elected by the non-teaching staff)

I have worked at St Nicolas School since 2006, firstly working as a 1:1 teaching assistant and then as a general class TA. I have most of my time in key stage 1. I have a keen interest in history and am curriculum governor for humanities and Early Years. I sit on the Performance and Standards committee. Before I moved to Abingdon I lived in the middle east where I ran a nursery school and have previously worked in a pre-school setting. I am also a deputy at the After School Club


Kate Wigley

(Parent Governor – elected by the parent body)

I have been a parent governor since Spring 2013 and am part of the Performance Standards committee, as well as being Governor link for English/Literacy. My children are in Year 5, Year 3 and our youngest started in Reception this September. I work at King Alfred's Academy in Wantage, teaching secondary English, but also supporting six local primaries with their literacy interventions.


 Pete Kelly

(Parent Governor elected by the parent body)

I have three children, two still at St Nicolas and one who passed through the school and is now in secondary education. The school plays a hugely important role in all of its students' lives and is supported by a wide group of volunteers from the parent/guardian group to other parts of the community. I was keen to also make a contribution and so became a parent governor in the summer of 2015. I do not have a professional educational background, though do have a teaching perspective from my wife, who is a primary school teacher. I work as a director of a market research company based in Oxford and hope to bring some of my none-school experience in that role. My main participation, initially, will be in the Resources Committee and in Maths via the the school's curriculum link programme.


Fulya Saner Markham

(Parent Governor – elected by the parent body in July 2017)

I joined the Governing Body in September 2017 as a parent governor. I am a member of the Performance and Standards Committee and the link Governor for Modern Foreign Languages. My background is in economics and social policy and I worked in various roles in private and public sectors on research and analysis, strategy and policy development, governance, project management and commissioning of public services. I currently work for Oxfordshire County Council.


My son, Robin, is in year 1. I have been a class contact since he started reception last year and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of St Nics community! I am passionate about little people and look forward to working with everyone for continued success of our school.


John Hunt

(Parent Governor – elected by the parent body in July 2017)

I joined the governing in body in September 2017; I serve on the Resources Committee and am the curriculum link governor for Art and DT.

My daughter joined the school at reception in September 2016, and with 2 year old twins too I am looking forward to being a member of the St Nic’s community and serving as a Parent Governor for quite some years to come. I very much want to give something back to the School and support the staff in providing great opportunities for the pupils and encouraging them to thrive and develop as individuals.

My own background is in secondary education, and before that corporate business. While there are definite differences I hope I will be able to draw on experience and have the empathy to be an effective champion for the school and a supportive member of the governing body.

Andrew Spooner

(Headteacher Governor – by right of position in school)

I became Headteacher of St Nicolas in September 2015 after spending 8 years as deputy head at Windmill Primary School in Headington. The school is always looking to improve and every member of the school team understands this. We celebrate the good times and we support each other when times get quite demanding, continuing to learn and develop along the way. When I’m not in school, I have two lovely sons who always look forward to spending time with their Daddy and a very supportive and wonderful wife. Away from school dynamics, performing in a band for 19 years has been the perfect tonic in remembering to find time for myself. 

Lorna Page

(Staff Governor – elected by the teaching staff)

I joined St. Nicolas in 2008 as a year 1 teacher. I have since taught in different year groups which has given me the opportunity to get to know the children and school well. I am currently the Deputy Head, responsible for Pupil Premium and assessment across the school. St. Nicolas is a fantastic school with a great community and children who are happy and hardworking. I feel lucky to work with such committed and supportive staff and parents. As a staff governor I am involved in working with others to continue the schools improvement. I live in Wantage where I enjoy running and walking my dog in the surrounding area!



Liz Mathers (Deputy Headteacher)

Karen Beasley (School Business Manager) 


Clerk to the Governing Body 

Janet Hancock

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Katrina Hancock

Co-opted by the Governing Body




Wycliffe Hall, Oxford – Council Member and Trustee
Abingdon Street Pastors – Trustee


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Hugh Price

Local Authority Governor – appointed by the LA




Teacher, Abingdon School, Abingdon OX14 1DE


Mark Halstead

Parent Governor – elected by the parent body






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Eluned Hallas

Foundation Governor – appointed by the Diocese




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Trinity Church - Employee, Abingdon on Thames – Church Warden
& St Nicolas Church, Trustee


Fulya Saner Markham

Parent Governor – elected by the parent body






John Hunt

Parent Governor – elected by the parent body






Rev Paul Smith

Co-opted by the Governing Body – parish vicar






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Kate Wigley

Parent Governor – elected by the parent body










Teacher, Vale Academy Trust & Carfax Media


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Peter Kelly

Parent Governor – elected by the parent body





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Andrew Spooner

Headteacher Governor – by right of position in school




Head teacher


Lorna Page

Staff Governor – elected by the teaching staff




Deputy Head


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Jayne Todd

Non-teaching staff governor – position co-opted by the Governing Body, individual elected by the non-teaching staff




Teaching Assistant


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