St Nicolas CE Primary School, Abingdon

Learning Excellence

Year 4 (Class 10)

Mr F Garnham Class 10 teacher

Welcome to Year 4 and Class 10.  It is great to be able to welcome all the children back to school and we're looking forward to a busy and exciting term. 


The Year 4 class teachers are Mr Garnham and Miss Shackell we are supported brilliantly by Mrs Tricklebank in Class 10 and Mrs Fosdike and Mrs Bolton in Class 9.


As we're not able to see as much of you at the moment, we will make an even greater effort to keep these pages up to date with all that we're getting up to so remember to keep checking in!

As part of our topic learning about the Romans, this week we became Roman soldiers!


We each designed and made our own shield, sword and helmet, and then we were ready to start our training! We learnt some Latin commands and practiced marching in unison (which was very tricky!).


When our commanding officer felt we were ready, we headed outside and worked together to get into different battle formations such as 'The Tortoise', 'The Wedge' and 'The Orb'.  We were then put through our paces by the Emperor himself (Mr Spooner!!) who launched an attack on us, but luckily we had our sturdy shields to protect ourselves!


We knew at this point we were ready for battle! 



Roman Legionary Training