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Year 1 (Class 4)

Welcome to Year 1
(Class 4)


Due to problems with Tapestry we have moved some of today's learning information and videos onto our class pages. Hopefully Tapestry will be back up and running smoothly soon but until then hopefully this will help...

Tuesday 12th January - Year 1 Home Learning


Issues with Tapestry have continued so, to ensure you are able to access some of the work, we will be uploading the work to the school webpage for another day.




Art - tiger drawing


Sadly, the video is too large to add to the webpage so, please just use the image to create your own tiger drawing. 

You will need:

  • a piece of paper (A5 size)
  • a pencil
  • a black fine pen
  • orange crayon, pencil crayon or felt tip
  • step-by-step image - printed or on a screen to view


Look after your tiger picture as you will need this as we continue with our piece of artwork throughout the week.

Step-by-step guide for drawing a tiger

Monday 11th January - Year 1 Home Learning


This week our Literacy work will be based around a great book Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown. watch this story together and discuss the following questions -

How does Mr. Tiger change in the story?

Why do you think he wants to go wild?

How does he change the ways he looks, the way he moves, the way he behaves?

How does Peter Brown use colour in his illustrations?



Mr Tiger Goes Wild

Still image for this video
Watch the video story and discuss the character of Mr Tiger and the brilliant illustrations.
Print out the writing sheet if you can, if not simply write two sentences in your home challenge book or on paper to describe Mr Tiger at the beginning of the story and Mr Tiger when has gone wild.

Mr Tiger sentence writing

Paws, Claws and whiskers - animal sorting activity.

The children at school last week were given a pack of animal pictures and asked to think of ways to sort them into groups. Have a look at the photos to see what ideas they came up with.

You can have a go at this job too. Print out the animal pictures or collect or draw some animal pictures of your own. How many ways can you sort them into groups? You might think about how the animals look or feel, where they live, how they move etc. Explain your groups to someone at home.

Term 1 - Superhero Me!

September 2020


Welcome to Term 1 in Year 1!  The children have settled well and are really enthusiastic about our new Superhero topic. They have completed a number of Superhero missions, in their personalised capes and masks! The story 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra has inspired a lot of our learning and the children have created their own Superveg, written speech bubbles for story characters, built traps for the Evil pea, investigated his crimes and saved captured vegetables. Their enthusiasm for writing has been fantastic and it's been great to see the phonics they've worked so hard on applied in really exciting, meaningful writing.