St Nicolas CE Primary School, Abingdon

Learning Excellence

Year 1 (Class 3)

Welcome to Year 1
(Class 3)



Term 1 - Superhero Me!


The children in Class 3 have made a great start to their time in Year 1. We love greeting them at the gate each morning with their beaming smiles and eagerness to get in to  school and get going! With capes made, masks decorated and muscles warmed up, we have embarked on many Superhero missions -  a superhero treasure hunt, Supertato making, Superveg assembling, trap building (for those pesky evil peas!), vegetable exploring, and completing many rescue missions, to name a few!

Super Senses


Over the week, we have been finding out all about our senses. We've used our eyes 'to see' what we could hunt around the school. Smell pots have challenged our sense 'of smell'. A sound quiz has tested our ability to recognise even the smallest sound. We will also get our taste buds tingling with our fruit salads, which the children have designed, made, tasted and evaluated. Lastly, the children will take part in 'touchy feely' sensory experiences. See if your child can remember all 5 senses

Mrs B Swan Class 3 Teacher