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School Newsletters & Community News 2021/22

Newsletters 2021/2022


Please have a look at our latest school newsletters below to keep up to date with everything that’s happening in our school. Make sure you check back regularly!

Open Days

Primary School Health Team Newsletter


Online FUNomusica Family Concert, Pirates Ahoy!

FUNomusica concerts are suitable for children aged 4-8 and offer a wonderful introduction to the world of classical music. This two part concert is now available to watch on our YouTube channel and can be accessed via the links below.


Pirates Ahoy Part 1:

Join Pirate Captain Awesome Al and the salty seadog crew of the Barnacle Bill as they sail the seven seas in search of buried treasure!

The sun is shining, and it’s all smooth sailing on an empty sea – what could possibly go wrong?!


Pirates Ahoy Part 2:

At the end of the last episode, Awesome Al and the crew of the Barnacle Bill encountered a mighty foe!

Did this spell the end for our seafaring friends, or did they seize victory from the jaws of defeat?