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PE and Sport

" Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong."

By John F. Kennedy

At St Nicolas we are proud of our physical active lifestyles.  Our children enjoy a range of physical activities and participate in a range of sporting events.  They show high levels of sportsmanship and enjoy developing their healthy lifestyles.  

Our PE curriculum is delivered using 'Real P.E.', a scheme of work based on developing fundamental movement skills; agility, balance and coordination. These skills are taught alongside inclusive competition and other personal and social skills. A central focus on 'Real P.E.' is to help all children to become physically literate by developing their fundamental movement skills. These are the building blocks that underpin the ability to play and be involved in many different sports and activities.

In Key Stage Two a more games-based focus is taken; the children learn more sport specific skills and use each sport as a vehicle to further develop their fundamental skills. Children will also take part in swimming lessons which aim to ensure all children can swim 25m by time they reach Year 6.

Healthy lifestyles are a key part of our active curriculum; all children are encouraged to take part in physical activity throughout their school day and beyond as well as eating healthily.  Children are encouraged and invited to attend sports clubs and links with local clubs allow our children to further their sporting interests outside of the school.

Children who attend school sports clubs get the opportunity to take part in regular competitions with other local primary schools.  We have motivational reward system in place to recognise those children who take part in sports competitions.

What you will see:

  • Children participating in a range of invasive, striking & fielding, net & wall games where they will be applying their skills learnt in each unit.
  • Children working as individuals, pairs and larger teams.  Supporting one another within game play and performances.
  • Inter-house competitions promoting team work, physical activity and inclusion.
  • Cross-Curricular physical activity in a wide variety of lessons including the use of our orienteering course and Active 30:30 breaks during lesson time.

What you will hear:

  • Children giving constructive feedback based on the learning intentions of the lesson.
  • Children using sport specific language to discuss their own and others’ performances