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E-safety / internet

E Safety Officer -  Mrs C Crask (
E Safety Governor - Mr A Weaver (
Social network sites and other internet facilities such as ‘YouTube’ are unavailable through the school network and it is important for parents/carers to be aware that sites such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are age restricted. These should not be available to primary school aged children. It is also important to be aware of the potential dangers of chat forums linked to online gaming and recommend close supervision by a responsible adult. 
The school policy regarding e-safety is reviewed regularly and we carefully consider how we can monitor and report any inappropriate use of the internet outside school, including social networking sites and examples of cyber-bullying. We wish to work alongside parents to ensure the children are safe and secure in their use of the internet. We encourage you to monitor your child’s activity and check that any games being played are age appropriate and are not exposing them to inappropriate material. Informing us of any cyber-bullying incidents outside of school will enable us to better support your child.
If parents/carers wish to get in contact, please talk to our office staff and they will pass any concerns onto the child protection officer who will assess the situation and deal with the matter in a discrete and appropriate manner.

E- Safety Day - 6th February 2024

Teaching our children to use the internet safely is very important to us and, although we take part in the National E-Safety event annually, we support E- safety throughout the curriculum all year both in computing and PSHE lessons. On e-safety day, the children participate in lessons to learn what is meant by E- safety and also discuss where they can go for support. Please visit for more details. 

If any parent/carer wishes to discuss the school policy or any other aspects of E Safety, please contact either Mrs Crask or Mr Price (contact details above).

E-Safety Parent Workshop

Parent Guides 

ThinkUknow have published some useful guides for parents on keeping your child safe online and about various social media sites. We have included copies of them here but do visit this website for more useful information to support your child safety online.

Mrs C Crask - Computing Subject Lead
  • CEOPNews and articles surrounding Internet safety.

  • Think U KnowGreat advice to keep children safe whilst using the Internet.

  • ChildnetHelp, advice and resources for parents and carers.