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Covid - 19 News Update

COVID-19 Risk Assessment - St Nicolas School - Oct 20th 2020

Drop off and pick up - Term 1 2020/21



Gate 1

(Rear car park gate)

Gate 2

(Electric Gate)

Gate 3

(Pedestrian Gate)

Gate 4

(Disco Door)

8:45am (drop off)

2:45pm (pick up)



Class 1


Class 5


Class 9


Class 13

8:55am (drop off)

2:55pm (pick up)



Class 2


Class 6


Class 10


Class 14

9:05am (drop off)

3:05pm (pick up)



Class 3


Class 7


Class 11


9:15am (drop off)

3:15pm (pick up)



Class 4


Class 8

Class 12


Dear Parents/Carers,

It’s hard to believe that we have reached the end of the academic year.  So many wonderful school community events have had to be cancelled and I’ve struggled over the last few weeks coming to terms with the fact that so many of your children have had to remain at home for such a long period of time.  However, it’s time to rebuild and bring the community back together and so this is the first letter of many prior to September, but the very last before I finally get to spend some quality time with my own family. 

School will officially return for St Nicolas pupils on Wednesday September 2nd.  I have attached below a ‘welcoming children back to school in September’ document that I would ask each and every one of you to read.  This gives you a brief summary of the national guidance for September and how we will implement the guidance here at St Nicolas.  Many of our current restrictive measures will remain in place.  A key measure to be aware of is the staggered drop off/pick up times.  Each class will be given a specified time that must be adhered to.


  Please make a note of your child(ren)’s drop off/pick up time.  It is crucial that you stick to the timetable so that we can ensure safe and smooth transition between classes.  A classroom member of staff will escort your child from the designated gate to the relevant classroom location.  Please also be aware that you are looking for your child’s new class and that Class 1 and 2 Reception cohort for September will not be entering the school site until Monday September 14th.

Breakfast Club and After School Club will hope to recommence in September and additional information regarding this will be sent to you during the Summer holidays. 

The ‘Covid-19’ whole school Risk Assessment will be evaluated and updated prior to September.  This will be made available to you all via the school website. 

We will continue to communicate with you during the Summer Holidays but, for now, a huge thank you for your ongoing love and support during the last few months.  It has been a remarkable team effort and I feel so privileged to be leading such a selfless and committed staff team.  They have worked wonders throughout the academic year and I know that all the hard work carried out behind the scenes will enable a smooth and successful reopening in September.

Please do not hesitate in contacting the school office should you have any additional questions or queries.

Have a wonderful summer break.

Mr Spooner


Welcoming children back September 2020 (July 2020 guidance)

All pupils in all year groups will return full time.  All decisions are based on the government guidance. If there is a spike locally or nationally re-opening in this way may have to change, schools must also plan for a local lockdown.  The decrease of cases and the establishment of test and trace means that the transmission rate is falling. All children should return to school for their education and well-being and to help parents get back to work so that the economy can recover.

Schools are responsible for making judgements about how to balance and minimise risk.

Schools must provide a high quality education but minimise the number of contacts that a pupil has.

Schools must protect people from harm

Area to consider


Transmission of COVID19 – creating a safer environment

Public health advice (PHE)

  • Transmission amongst children is low
  • COVID19 Risk assessment – RA will be revised in line with new guidance (support from governors to ensure that this is working and reviewed regularly)
  • Related risk assessments to be updated
  • Work closely with parents/carers, staff, governors and unions
  • ALL children, staff and other adults who are ill must stay at home – RA
  • Any children who are unwell with symptoms  must be sent home and will follow the stay at home guidance - RA
  • Handwashing must be robust and is essential – RA
  • Routinely taking of temperatures is not needed
  • Respiratory hygiene must be robust (Catch it bin it kill it) – RA
  • Active engagement with test and trace
  • PPE would be used if a child was unwell
  • All staff to read and understand the guidance around test and trace – implement on a personal level and understand how to communicate this to parents and carers
  • Getting a test info to be available – staff to get a test done at a centre for speed of results


Risk assessment

  • Risk assessment is required by law and must demonstrate that all measures have been taken to reduce risk. Updating the existing risk assessment with the guidance in mind
  • All employees will be part of the process to create the risk assessment – unions will be consulted
  • Any concerns from the staff should be brought to the heads attention or a member of the governing body
  • The risk assessment will be shared with governors and parents and will be put on the website
  • The headteacher must manage the risk appropriately


Response to infection

  • School must engage with NHS Test and Trace
  • Must take swift action and contact local health protection team
  • School will be contacted by the health protection team if they know there is a case – they will carry out a risk assessment and support schools to manage the situation – this could include closing bubbles and whole school if there is an outbreak (2 or more cases)
  • A mobile testing unit may come to school if it is deemed necessary
  • School will send a letter to all parents/carers which offers advice and support
  • Manage cases amongst the community
  • Contain outbreaks by following local health protection advise
  • School will not request evidence of negative results



  • Child protection policy to be updated in line with OCC and KCSIE publication
  • DSL will need more time to deal with concerns and may find that workload increases at the start of the full return



  • All pupils to return to school
  • All pupils will be kept in year group bubbles – pupils to be kept apart
  • Classes with forward facing desks.  Rows of tables.  Children enter class in formation of class seating.
  • Any child finding it hard to wash their hands will be supported
  • To use hand sanitisers before using IT equipment
  • There will be staggered start and end times, break times and lunchtimes
  • Some pupils may need more support to return to school
  • Pupils will be required to wear the expected school uniform from September – they do not need additional cleaning



  • All children must attend school – this will be clearly and consistently communicated throughout the summer and into the new school year
  • School must know which families are at risk of persistent disengagement
  • School to monitor attendance and follow up absence including getting support from the attendance team and other agencies
  • Sanctions and fixed penalty notices may be issued in line with the LA
  • A small number of pupils may not be able to attend because they are self-isolating
  • Schools understand that some pupils and families will have concerns – schools will discuss concerns with families and provide reassurance
  • Additional guidance to follow on how schools are to record attendance


  • Staff will understand the process of returning all pupils to school
  • Working in schools is not risk free but children do not transmit disease more than adults. Staff have testing priority.
  • All staff to be back in school – shielding advice pauses from August 1st. Home working will be considered but is unlikely in a primary school – risk assessments will be carried out for these staff members
  • Staff in the extremely vulnerable category must take particular care (please see additional information)
  • Staff who live with someone who is clinically vulnerable can return to school
  • Staff may travel abroad but must be available to work from September 1st

Within school

  • Contact with other staff in year group bubbles but not beyond – RA (social distancing must remain)
  • Staff must remain in year group bubbles, unless timetabled to deliver PPA etc
  • Any staff helping a child showing symptoms should follow the isolation advice
  • Face masks will not be worn
  • The staffroom will remain out of use
  • Staff will have breaks but should consider where they can safely take them
  • Supply teachers can be used
  • Staff well-being and work life balance must be considered by the Governing Body
  • Teachers PPA time will take place


  • LP and AS to consider curriculum coverage for Term 1 – INSET discussion
  • Plan to the needs of the pupil (suggested assessment of pupils –however as a school this will be appropriate)
  • There will be no overnight trips or visits in the Autumn term (must consult additional guidance)
  • There will be no trips in Term 1
  • Outdoor learning is highly recommended for all year groups
  • Remote learning may still be needed and needs to be of high quality and a plan that can be actioned quickly needs to be developed


  • Focus on prime areas of learning
  • Staff to know where the gaps are in language
  • Staff to know where the gaps are in phonics
  • Staff to know where the gaps are in maths
  • Outdoor learning to be the focus

KS1 &2

  • Gaps need to be established across the subjects


  • Children to be taught in their bubbles
  • General equipment in classrooms for more low key activities
  • PE curriculum will need to be adjusted so that each class can use different equipment
  • Outdoor PE where possible
  • Break times need to be active where possible


Pupil wellbeing and support

  • Pupils must have time to readjust and feel supported on their return
  • PSHE sessions to take place to cover relationships education – areas to include


-understanding coronavirus

-mental and physical well being

  • Additional pastoral support – (Blob Tree, Draw and Talk) may need to be considered.


Use of equipment

  • Staff and pupils to have their own basic items
  • Classroom resources can be shared within the bubble, they must be cleaned regularly but not be shared between bubbles
  • Sports/ science equipment etc can be shared but must be cleaned carefully and should be left unused for 48 hours (72 hours for plastic)
  • Outdoor play equipment should be more frequently cleaned
  • Limit the amount of equipment that is brought into school  - just essentials
  • Staff can take books etc home but sharing should be limited


Parents and carers

  • Must send pupils back to school
  • Must follow drop off and pick up arrangements and must not gather at the school gates
  • Must collect pupils immediately if there are any signs of COVID
  • Must not send pupils who show any signs of the virus
  • Must communicate with school if there are any signs of the virus keeping us fully informed including the results of testing – positive and negative
  • Be mindful that pupils can still suffer from other viruses i.e. colds and flu
  • Behaviour expectations will be high and parents need to support this



  • There are no plans to reimburse – costs must come from our own budgets


(Revised guidance to follow)

  • Enhanced cleaning to continue – review in the light of more pupils

-more frequent cleaning of rooms

-frequently touched spaces cleaned more often

-more frequent cleaning of toilets

  • School will be open full time so all cleaning will have to be managed within this time scale
  • Lunch hall must be cleaned between sittings – RA


School layout and H&S

  • The school will be fully checked before reopening in the Autumn
  • Playtimes will be staggered
  • Start times will be staggered
  • Corridor movement needs to be planned
  • Drop off and collection will remain strict and carefully monitored – parents and carers must follow guidance



  • Staff must aim to reduce face to face contact and the amount of time spent within 1m
  • Teachers to open windows and doors to ensure good ventilation when pupils return
  • Outside learning will take place when and where appropriate
  • Pupils will have a designated classroom
  • Children with EHC plans should be supported as usual (there is not specific guidance to handling – use of Team Teach)
  • Pupils to be seated side by side, facing forwards
  • Unnecessary furniture will remain out of the classroom

Whole school events

  • There will be no whole school collective worship during this period
  • We will not hold any whole school activities including inviting parents onto site for activities


Wrap around care and after school clubs

  • Breakfast club and after school club can be reinstated – year group bubbles will social distance (breakfast club only) and staffing will be consistent
  • There will be no other clubs during the first half of the autumn term



  • Universal Free School Meals and Free School Meals will be provided for every eligible child.  There will be a combination of cold and hot food that will be delivered to the classrooms.  The school hall remains ‘out of bounds’ during the school day.
  • Parents will be able to order school meals via the Scopay system.



  • Visitors must be minimised

Contingency planning for outbreaks

  •  Remote education plans will be in place if groups need to be educated off site






Advise for parents during Cornavirus