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Year 5 (Class 11)

Welcome to Class 11


Mrs Long and I would like to welcome you to our Class 11 webpage. On here, you will find updates of the work we have been completing in class and ideas of things you might want to do at home to further support your child. If you ever have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to pop in to chat to us in class, or alternatively you can email the office so we can organise a good time to meet together properly.





During this half term, we have been focusing on our solar system, the planets, how we have day and night, and the movement of the Moon and Earth in relation to the Sun. The children have had the opportunity to use a large light source as the Sun and a globe to try to recreate day and night. They have also produced small models to show the Moon's orbit around Earth and the Earth's orbit around the Sun. Small groups completed demonstrations for the class using PE equipment: large yellow hoop for the Sun; white hockey ball for the Moon; and basketball for the Earth. Can you remember how long each orbit or rotation takes?


The children were lucky to have a sun dome come into our school as well as a parent speaker.


Class 11 were given the opportunity to produce a Space themed project. We had a very successful Express Event and the children produced some amazing work!






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Mrs J Long - (Class 11)         Mrs V Cook - (Class 11)