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Year 5 (Class 11)

Welcome to Class 11

Grammar Workshop PowerPoint

Well done to all the Year 5 pupils who did us proud in the Love Languages event at St Helen and St Katharine school in Abingdon on Thursday 8th February. You were fantastic!

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The Promise - literacy unit of work

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During the last few weeks of half term, we completed a literacy unit on the book The Promise which focused on descriptive language. The last piece of work was to produce a collaborative film trailer for the story using iMovie; these were absolutely fantastic! Take a peak!

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Welcome to Class 11


Off with her head!!


Since coming back after the Christmas holidays, we have been busy learning about the Tudors. The children have been learning all about the life of King Henry VIII, and about how a well respected man, changed to become a king hated by many. A highlight of our topic, was our trip to Sulgrave Manor, which gave the children the opportunity to deepen their understanding of King Henry and his many wives, and compare what life was like during the Tudor period. As the half term comes to a close, we have been really proud of their biographical writing and recent artwork. We look forward to some Tudor dancing, the re-trial of Anne Boleyn and our 'Great British Tudor Bake off!'. smiley







Tudor Portraits

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Autumn 1 - Stargazers


During this half term we will be investigating all things space. So far the children have been working hard to create flip-books about the planets within our solar system and are in the process of writing a non-chronological report about a fictional moon called Pandora (taken from the film Avatar). On Thursday 5th October, we have the Explorer Dome visiting school. The workshop will give the children the opportunity to explore our planet, moon, sun and solar system; how they move and what we see; looking at the wonder of space in the special environment of the Explorer Dome’s planetarium. It'll be such a fantastic morning!


Later in the term, we will set a homework project about Space, so get your thinking caps on for a creative piece of homework. Watch this space (no pun intended!)!

iMovie Earth, Moon and Sun Projects


In Class 11, we have been learning about the Earth, Moon and Sun. The children have enjoyed finding out about how we have seasons, days and night. Collaboratively the children have produced short films to show their understanding and share their knowledge using iMovie. They loved filming, editing and exploring the features of iMovie, which is something we will continue to work on!! Here are our 'best bits'!

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Pandora Non-Chronological Reports


We have been focusing on a section of the film Avatar, which reports on the moon Pandora including its environment, creatures and benefits to humans. This film has really captivated the children's imaginations! The children have used drama, group work and examples of real texts to plan, write and redraft some excellent non-chronological reports. Here are just a few to wet your appetite but please do head into school where we will be brightening up the corridor with our writing and colourful Mountain Banshee!

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Explorer Space Dome


On Thursday 5th October we were visited by the Explorer Space Dome in the school hall. All Year 5 children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the morning, learning about the planets, star constellations and how we have day, night and seasons. The children were incredibly engaged throughout and we definitely had a few screams and wails when we experienced the 'Big Bang'!! Maybe that was just me!



Each week, homework will be set on a Wednesday and will be due back in on a Monday. Normally there will be a literacy and maths based activity which will be stuck in their books. If your child misplaces their homework we always have spares in the classroom, so they just need to come in an grab another.


We are also hoping to set some homework on Purple Mash, which is a fantastic educational website used by the school. Every child has their own personal login and password which will be stuck in, in the front of their homework books. The children will have to complete the activity in the Set2 and then hand it on online. We shall go through with the children how to do this in class but any issues, please just ask! If it is difficult to complete these activities online at home, we are happy to give your child a printed version where possible. All they have to do is let us know. smiley

Mr P Gaskin (Class 11 Teacher)