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Year 3 (Class 8)

Welcome to Year 3
 (Class 8)!

Easter Experience


On Friday 31st March, Class 8 visited Trinity Church for a series of Experience Easter workshops. The children enjoyed learning all about Easter and the life of Jesus. We learnt about his suffering on the cross and thought about the suffering of people in our lives and those in other countries. We found out about Jesus the Servant King and discussed how Jesus, unlike many other important people of the time, washed others feet. As part of this we washed each others hands. We also learnt about the Passover meal that Jesus would have eaten and the significance of each of the things they eat.

River Trip


On Tuesday 28th March, Year 3 put on their wellies and went on a river walk. We looked at three different rivers, including the river Stert and Thames. The children had the opportunity to wade in the water and collect water samples to take home. We measured the current in the three rivers we visited by timing how long it took for an apple to travel 5m down each river. Thankfully, no apples were eaten by the swans that tried to join us on the river Thames. 

Here are some pictures of our trip:

Thursday 2nd March was a very busy day for Class 8. It was World Book Day and they performed their Class Assembly about the Ancient Greeks. See below for some photos:

Photos from our Class Assembly!

Some of the girls in Class 8 have been busy using their lunch times to create their own miniature garden.

Some of the girls in Class 8 have been busy using their lunch times to create their own miniature garden. 1



On Friday 24th February, Year 3 went to the Ashmolean Museum as part of their Gods and Mortals Topic. They had the opportunity to look around the galleries and had a workshop on Ancient Greece. They looked at different artefacts and statues and found out more about the Olympics, Athens and Democracy. Here are some photos of the day:





Every Tuesday the whole of Year 3 have great fun learning to play the violin/cello/double bass with the help of Mrs Bruce, a teacher from the Oxfordshire County Music Service. They are all able to play making very pleasing noises with their bows. No scratching and scrapping here. Already there are a few firm favourite tunes including Strictly G and Portsmouth. There are also musical games to play and action songs to sing.


Everyone can have an instrument to take home, but a permission form has to be handed in first. Charanga Music World is a great new way to practise on their instruments at home, online. Here there are loads of activities as well as lots of cool stuff like games, quizzes and special rewards to unlock. Watch out for the Charanga Welcome letter coming home with all the details and token needed.

Year 3 are looking forward to making their first performance in the very near future, to show how much they have learnt, share how much fun they are having and for everyone to see how hard they are working.

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As part of our RE topic on Christianity, Class 8 went to Christ Church to learn more about Communion and find out about the History of Christ Church. The children had a fantastic time decorating glass cups and designing their own stained glass windows. See below for some photos of our trip.





Class 8 had a fantastic Egyptian Day! At the start of the day, the children were all really excited to show off their outfits to their friends. Their first task of the day was the PYRAMID CHALLENGE. The children were given different materials to try and make a pyramid. Some children used Lego and Duplo while others used Numicon, Multi-link or even Shreddies. After break they made collages of Queen Nefertiti and Cuffs out of foil and card. 


In the afternoon they became archaeologist and used cocktail sticks, brushes and tweezers to excavate a chocolate chip cookie. The day ended with an Express Event in the hall where the children Walked Like Egyptians in their costumes and showed parents their work from throughout the day.




The Pyramid Challenge


 Ancient Egyptians!

This term Class 8 are learning about the ancient Egyptians! We have been researching the mummification process and finding all about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. We have been practising our sewing skills so next week we can start making our own felt scarab beetles. 



Miss S Dunwoody (Class 8 Teacher)