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Year 3 (Class 7)

Welcome to Year 3

(Class 7)!

Flow (Term 4 + 5)


We had thoroughly enjoyed our latest topic looking at the great book, "A river". Based on this book, we have written our own journey stories, created stunning river artwork and learnt about the water in our world. 


Below are some photos from our recent river trip:



This term we have been looking at the Ancient Greeks through our topic "Gods and Mortals." As part of this we have been looking at writing persuasive letters, learning about Greek Gods and having a go at create some Greek artwork.



On Wednesday 4th October, we travelled back in time to 2017 BC to a land of pyramids, pharaohs and mummies. In the photos below, see if you can spot us excavating like archaeologists, sampling Egyptian food and looking fabulous in our costumes.


The devastating after effects of a beast have been seen across the Year 3 classrooms. Mr Spooner has set us the task of investigating and reporting back to him with our findings. Check back in a couple of weeks to see what we have uncovered.

Our investigative work