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Year 2 (Class 6)

Welcome to Year 2
 (Class 6)

Yr 2 Workshop Booklet - Numberlines



Term 4: Scented Garden!

This term our topic is Scented Garden so we will be looking at flowers and growing things!


February 23rd, - We have started making our own amazing plants and flowers.  We are using tissue paper, wire and pipe cleaners to make the flowers, leaves and stems.


February 20th, - Today we planted seeds as part of a science experiment.  We wanted to see whether we could grow cress seeds without using any soil and watch them germinate.



Term 3: Muck, Mess and Mixtures


This term our topic is Muck, Mess and Mixtures.  


On Monday 16th January we made bread.  We enjoyed kneading and shaping the bread.  Once they were cooked the looked and smelled delicious.  In Literacy we have been writing up instructions to explain how to make bread.







We were set a challenge, we had to investigate which soapy liquids made the biggest bubbles.  We discovered that bubble bath made the largest bubbles.





We had great fun exploring different mixtures and made a big mess in the hall!








Term 2: Beat Band Boogie!



This term our topic is Beat Band Boogie and is all about music and marching!  So get on your boots, and get marching to the beat!


In Science we are learning about sound.  We have learnt that sound is vibrations.  The vibrations travel through the air to our ears so that we can hear the sound.  We made string telephones to see if the vibrations can travel down the string,






November 10th, - Year 2 were lucky enough to be invited to the Jacqueline Du Pre music centre in Oxford.  We heard a concert of some amazing musicians.





November 9th, - Ellen's amazing Aunty Alice came and gave us a wonderful show-and-tell workshop all about music and sound. 






 Term 1: Towers, Tunnels and Turrets!



This term our topic is Towers, Tunnels and Turrets and we exploring buildings; old, new, large and small.  
Castle painting! - 5.9.16

We've started our year with some wonderful castle artwork, using oil pastels and water colours.  We used the pastels to draw the lines and the paints to fill them with colour.

Picture 1 Mrs J Long (Class 6 Teacher)