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Year 2 (Class 5)

Welcome to Year 2
 (Class 5)


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Term 5: Beachcombers!

This term our topic is Beachcombers and we will be looking at the seaside, beaches and the wildlife that lives there.


26th April - Sensory Beach Experience.

We may not be able to all go to the beach, but we can bring the beach to us!  Year 2 worked together to have a sensory beach experience, taking in the sights sounds and feelings of the seaside and recording the language we considered along the way.





24th April - Tongue Twister!

She sells seashells on the sea shore... we read and wrote our own amazing tongue twisters.  Try some of these:


Pelicans pick on pigs not piranhas. - Alex

Shells are silly when they're sold. - Araminta

Mermaids at midnight meet in the merglade. - Becky


Term 4: Scented Garden!

This term our topic was Scented Garden and we looked at flowers and growing things!


February 23rd, - We have started making our own amazing plants and flowers.  We are using tissue paper, wire and pipe cleaners to make the flowers, leaves and stems.




February 20th, - Today we planted seeds as part of a science experiment.  We wanted to see whether we could grow cress seeds without using any soil and watch them germinate.





Term 3: Muck Mess and Mixtures!


This term our topic was Muck Mess and Mixtures so we had to get some old clothes on because this term got really sticky!


February 8th, - This week we invited family and friends to see the wonderful work we have been getting up to.  We had an art exhibition in the hall, and reviewed all our mucky, messy work.


January 16th, - This week we really got messy with some marvellous bread making.  We mixed, added, poured, stirred and kneaded some extremely yummy bread.







January 9th, - Today we experimented with bubbles.  We tried out various different soapy mixtures to see which would make the biggest, strongest and most plentiful bubbles!





January 4th, - Today was our Muck, Mess and Mixtures afternoon. 

We experimented with what we could do with a range of different materials and had a wonderful, mucky time!






Term 2: Beat Band Boogie!



This term our topic is Beat Band Boogie and is all about music and marching!  So get on your boots, and get marching to the beat!


November 11th, - Today was remembrance day.  We made our own poppy wreath which we hung up for the day.





November 10th, - Year 2 were lucky enough to be invited to the Jacqueline Du Pre music centre in Oxford.  We heard a concert of some amazing musicians.





November 9th, - Ellen's amazing Aunty Alice came and gave us a wonderful show-and-tell workshop all about music and sound. 





November 8 - 10th, - We have been experimenting with sound and how it travels.






Term 2, Week 1 - Drum building






Term 2, Week 1 - Multiplication



Term 1: Towers, Tunnels and Turrets!



This term our topic is Towers, Tunnels and Turrets and we exploring buildings; old, new, large and small.  

The Bridge building challenge!




Nature Towers



Human castle building

Castle painting! - 5.9.16