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St Nicolas

Church of England Primary School, Abingdon

Year 1 (Class 4)

Welcome to Year 1
(Class 4)


Term 2 - Memory Box


This term in Class 4 we have been sharing our memories. The children have brought in photo timelines of their own lives and we are sharing a few each day.


 In Literacy, we are reading the stories of Alfie and Annie Rose by Shirley Hughes and writing about the characters.


We are learning about the different stages of human development in Science: baby, toddler, child and adult. 





Term 1 - Superheroes!

We began the year in Class 4 with our topic on Superheroes. The children enjoyed making capes and masks and going out on a Superhero search around the school site. They posed as Superheroes and painted self portraits. In Literacy, we acted out a narrative to write our own superhero comic.



In Science, we all learnt about how our Super Senses help us to find out about the world around us. We tried to identify well known smells and tastes without looking.   
In History, we enjoyed learning about the life of a real Superhero, Florence Nightingale. We used role play to understand what it was like in Scutari Hospital.

Crest Science

Across the year, class 4 will take part in various Science investigation sessions led by a teacher from Abingdon Boys School. Our first session this term involved making bubbles. The children put on lab coats and went outside to see if they could make bubbles of different shapes or sizes. The children found they could make various sizes but no matter what they tried, they could only make round bubbles.

Crest Science

We heard a story about 'confusing cans'...the cans had fallen out of the cupboard and the labels fell off. They did not know which can was the can of dog food anymore. There were four cans labelled A,B,C and D, we had to investigate which can had the dog food inside. The other cans had beans, tomato soup and tomatoes inside. We had to investigate which can could be the dog food without opening them. We rolled the four cans down a ramp to work out which can would roll the furthest. To make this a fair test we rolled each can three times and recorded our measurements.

Confusing cans...

Picture 1 Mrs R Kelly (Teacher)