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Writer of the Week

Writers of the Week



Harmony - Class 4 & Betty - Class 14

23rd March


Lizzie - Class 3 & Ruby - Class 13

16th March





We really value your writing at St. Nicolas School and are always impressed by the stories, poems and factual texts that you produce every day.


Class 4 have been writing weather poems. Harmony thought of some lovely ideas for each colour of the rainbow. Well done!


Year 6 are going to be writing a prequel to the 'Jabberwocky'. At the start of the unit they wrote a prequel to 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Betty wrote a really lovely piece and made really careful word choices.


Lizzie has written a lovely rainbow poem using her phonics knowledge and including some fantastic similes.


In Class 13, we have been thinking about what may have happened before a well known story began. Ruby wrote a brilliant prequel to 'Goldilocks' with a fantastic opening!