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A big thank you to Manor Flooring our 2017/18 Sports Kit Sponsors

A big thank you to Manor Flooring our 2017/18  Sports  Kit Sponsors 1

Sports News


Abingdon Town Cross Country Competition

Tilsley Park 3rd October 2017

An outstanding performance from all cross country runners from yr3/4/5&6 at this competition.
All 4 teams showed true grit and determination on an extremely challenging course.
Yr 3/4 ran 1500m and yr 5/6 2000m
The children conducted themselves with impeccable behaviour and showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the day, supporting each other.
Their determination and enthusiasm resulted in fantastic results, top 20 and top 30 finishers across all age groups

Overall Places
yr3/4 girls 2nd place
Yr3/4 boys 2nd place
Yr5/6 girls 1st place

Individual Finishing Positions

Yr5/6 Boys          Yr5/6 Girls      Yr3/4 Boys           Yr3\4 Girls

Fletcher 14th      Betty 2nd       Tawanashe 11th   Rebecca 10th

Preston 37th      Maia 12th       Connor 16th         Lacey 12th

Peter 44th          Keira 16th       Ernie 17th             Evelyn 23rd

Victor 46th        Sophia 20th     Jayden 29th          Jess W 28th

Kade 49th         Hannah 24th    Alfie 32nd            Bella 51st

Alex W 50th      Lily G 39th       Oliver 43rd           Bailey 52nd

Alex S 58th      Summer 62nd   Daniel 52nd         Penelope 53rd

James 61st                                Cody 62nd           Hope 54th


Yr3/4 boys & girls & yr5/6 girls now go through to the Vale Cross Country competition at Buscot Park on 10th October. 
Congratulations and good luck for your next challenge

Thankyou for the support of all parents that helped to walk the children to the event and cheered them on from the stands. Special thanks to Mrs Manthey for the biscuits for the children

Cross Country

Cross Country 1
Cross Country 2
Cross Country 3
Cross Country 4
Cross Country 5
Cross Country 6
Cross Country 7

On Wednesday we gathered together as a school to celebrate the achievements of 2016-17 in Sport. We are extremely proud to announce that we have achieved GOLD School Games Mark for this year. The school are required to complete an application following tight criteria. With our commitment from staff, pupils and supportive parents/carers, we have achieved:


  • 8 intra-house competitions (including inclusive Boccia; alternative sport Orienteering)
  • High participation in sports clubs
  • High participation in Abingdon partnership competitions where we were County Finalists across 5 different sports!
  • Developed the role of Sports Leader role."


An additional thanks to the fantastic Office team who work tirelessly to ensure the events go ahead and also to Shane Didcock, going above and beyond in her role as Sports Coach."


In assembly we gave out commendations for the following achievements:


Gold Star – Junior Colours


Jayden Steptoe

Alex Wakefield

Summer Manthey

Maia Carlin

Ruby Pearce


St Nicolas Colours Shield


Henry Tebbs

Emma Ongaria

Scott Caven

Edoardo Gallotta

Alex Lee

Ciaran Hendley

Fin Rhodes

Alex Holdstock

Leyton Haines

Reuben Cooke

Ella Graham

Felix Hoskin

Lucas Hendley


Congratulations to the following who received certificates for Sports Day




Outstanding Performance


Kelsey Jaycock

James Thomas


Harrison Devitt

Harley Whiting


Ella Carlin

Freddy Jackson


Jacob Fifield

Tristan Bentley


Heidi Williams

James Adams


Lisa Ongaria

Finley King


Reuben Seeney

James Smith


Charlie Smith

Emilia Molloy


Sasha Parslow

Aston Thompson


Ruby Pearce

Grace Frankum


Aidan Delisle-Cheverton

George Perry


Zach Ciara

Jake Bloxham


Please find below the final total of House points for sports awarded this year








182 Thames

171 Windrush

171 Stert

147 Ock


453 Thames

404 Windrush

388 Ock

350 Stert

Middle Years

376 Windrush

351 Thames

316 Ock

271 Stert

Upper Years

3383 Windrush

3193 Thames

3191 Ock

2812 Stert


4212 Windrush

3948 Thames

3895 Ock

3433 Stert












Cricket Year 6 Boys - Monday 19th July 2017


Fantastic day of cricket for Year 6 boys:


Fin, Jayden, Leyton, Edo, Noah, Rafi, Reuben & Alex H


Undefeated the boys made it into the final winning both matches great scores:


255 / 3 wickets to 229 / 7 wickets to Long Furlong.


310 / 2 wickets to 167/10 wickets Culham


Despite the scorching temperatures the team continued in strength showing great team management winning the final & the cup with a convincing 263/ 0 wickets to 236/ 8 wickets Thomas Reade.


A delight to watch and umpire players playing with maturity and pride.


Well done, now looking forward to the Vale final in July.



Quad Kids Year 5 & 6

Some fantastic performances from both St Nic's A & B teams girls & boys Year 5 & 6 at the Quad Kids Athletics Championships 14th June Tilsley Park


16 teams and approx 160 athletes took part competing in Sprint 75m, Long Jump, Howler (throw) and 600m run, in very high temperatures.


St Nic's A team were extremely strong across all 4 events taking 1st place with 1720 points and securing a place in the Vale County Finals.


St Nic's B team again showed some impressive results finishing 14th with 1259 points.


Overall Individual achievements were extremely strong and impressive:


Girls Ranking:

Amber Freeman 1st

Bo Morgan - Sanders 6th

Maia Carlson 9th

Betty Rivers 12th

Zoe Oliver 17th

Ella Graham 21st

Hope Steptoe 28th

Summer Manthey 50th

Katy Frank 62nd

Esme Weston 67th


Boys Ranking:

Rafi Collier overall Boys 2nd

Noah Ponting 5th

Reuben Cooke 8th

Fletcher Jewell 12th

Alex Lee 40th

Victor Bush 48th

Alex Wakefield 56th

Toby Lee 58th

Leyton Haines 60th

Ciaran Hensley 64th


Congratulations to all who took part.

Quad kids Year 3

St Nic's year 3 athletics A team competed in the School Partnership Quad Kids athletics tournament on 15th June at Tilsley Park.


Another hot day on the track & field with yet again fantastic results from all students, some of which were competing in their first ever competition.


16 teams took part with over 160 individuals competing in 4 events 50m sprint, Long Jump, Howler and 400m Run


St Nic's A team delivered fantastic results gaining a very well earned 9th place with 1151 points. A tough day competing against year 4 students.


Fantastic well done to the whole team

James Adams

Ernie Morgan- Sanders

Alfie Weston

Philip Coleman

Oliver Tyler

Lisa Ongaria

Bella Jones

Isla Sherman

Jessica Wakefield

Eve Graham


St Nics A Girls achieving places in top 15 across 4 events


Eve Graham 11th place long jump

Lisa Ongaria 12th place Howler

Isla Sherman 13th place 400m run

Bella Jones 15th place 50m Sprint


Well done all


Thank you to all parent/ family support

Rugby tournament May 2017 - Congratulations to the rugby team who made the Oxfordshire County finals – a brilliant performance by all.

 Rugby tournament May 2017 - Congratulations to the rugby team who made the Oxfordshire County finals – a brilliant performance by all.  1
 Rugby tournament May 2017 - Congratulations to the rugby team who made the Oxfordshire County finals – a brilliant performance by all.  2
 Rugby tournament May 2017 - Congratulations to the rugby team who made the Oxfordshire County finals – a brilliant performance by all.  3

INTRA HOUSE Rounders Competition May 2017


During the last week of Term 5, KS2 year groups competed in their year group Rounders matches.  The sun shone and everyone played really well.  

The results are: 

1st place - Stert with combined score of 32 rounders.

Joint second place - Thames and Windrush, with combined score of 25 rounders

4th place - Ock with combined score of 9 rounders.  


Mini Orange tennis Y5/6 tournament at WHLTC 26th April 2017


St Nicolas yr 5 and 6 had two teams enter the Mini Orange Tennis competition at WHLC on 26th april.

Each team consisted of 4 seeded players. The teams played a series of 3 games and proceeded to a playoff.  They all delivered strong individual performances with the B team achieving 5th position out of 12 schools.  The A team proceeded with a fantastic 2nd place overall, taking them through to the Vale finals in a few weeks time.  

A really entertaining afternoon of tennis.  Well done to you all!


A team - Zoe Oliver, Amber Morgan-Freeman, Noah Ponting, Lucas Hendley 

B team - Amber Collins Freeman, Bo Morgan-Sanders, Alex Lee, Fletcher Jewell 

Picture 1

Hockey Tournament Wednesday 29th March 2017


A group of 9 x Year 5 and 6 children walked to Tilsley Park on Wed 29th March for some hockey games against other Abingdon schools. The children got to experience a full length matches against a number of teams. The team progressed so much in skill and stamina, winning 4 of their matches with 2 0-0 results! They particularly showed great support and teamwork throughout all the games and were even complimented by other teams on individual performances. Well done on all the team for being so committed.


Swimming Gala 1st February 2017


Well done to all the children that too part in the Swimming Gala this week- fantastic swims by all.


The amazing results:
 Girls 1st Place
 Boys 4th place

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4