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Term 2

Term 2 - Memory Box

During the term, we will begin by looking at the children's timelines to think about how they have changed from when they were born. We will be examining old toys and comparing them to the toys the children play with today and consider the different materials they are made out of. 

Our Learning

This term we have been learning about how things change over time from living things such as humans as part of our science and PSHE, and how toys have changed over time. After our visit from Abingdon Museum for our workshop about toys, we loved creating our very own toy museums all about 'new toys of 2023' which we invited our oldest children at St Nics to come to visit. We started by writing our information sheets for each exhibit, then named our museum, wrote invitations, made signs and created tickets before the grand opening ceremonies to welcome our visitors. The children did a tremendous job and our visitors were definitely impressed - fingers crossed for some good reviews on Trip Advisor!

Abingdon Museum and our Year 1 Toy Museum

Art - sculpture doodles and badge sculptures

Memory Box Knowledge Mat

Knowledge Mat

Phonics Support Term 2