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St Nicolas

Church of England Primary School, Abingdon

Class Contact

Class Contacts are an essential link between parents, teachers and the St Nicolas School Association (SNSA). As well as organising volunteers for fund-raising events, they also coordinate parent helpers for classroom reading and other activities.
Class Contact List 2016/17 


Class Class Contacts (pupil)

Juliette Maphimidze (Josiah)

Fulya Marham (Robin)
Liz Bower (Samuel)

2 Ruth Sandland (Elizabeth)

3 Mandy State (Harry)
Dawn Painitng (Grace)
4 Donna Pocock-Bell (Nicholas)
5 Michelle Wooloff ( Lilly)
6 Jo Hunt (Patrick)
Jules Francis-Sinclair ( Charlie Sinclair)
7 Bev O'Donoghue (Leala)
Amy Dawson (Mason)
8 Paradiso Liberata (Martina Gallotta)
9 Amanda Dawson (Benjamin)
Kerry Ridge (Darcey)
10 Keeley Chiswell (Tegan Smith)
11 Louise Hoskin (Felix)
12 Niamh Donnellan ( Ellis Spooner)
Debbie Watts  (Hattie)
13 Janet Hancock (Alice)
Louise Barnes (Jemima)
14 Cliare Thomas (Mia)
Sarah Gibb (Melissa)