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St Nicolas

Church of England Primary School, Abingdon

Children's thoughts before and after Kilvrough

"I am really looking forward to Kilvrough, I have been for ages.  I hope I will have friends in my dormitory and in my activity group.  Caving is the task that I think will scare me the most, but I am also excited because I have heard all about the Letterbox.  I'm not looking forward to the 4-hour drive either"

Pupil, Class 14
“I couldn't believe how quickly we arrived at the manor - it was nothing like I had imagined.  It was massive and when I went up to the top floor the stairs felt wonky!  We had a great dormitory and I ended up with all the friends I had asked for in with me.  It was so exciting unpacking and exploring. We had to do team-building on the first afternoon, it felt good supporting each other and working with people we didn't usually work with"
Pupil, Class 14
“Kilvrough was one of the best things I have ever done!  I learned so much and will never forget it.  The activities were so great - I particularly loved the caving as it is something I have never come close to doing before.  Our instructors were amazing and funny and they taught us so many important things.  They taught us how to stay safe and how to help our friends stay safe too.  If we were worried there was always an adult to support and reassure us"
Pupil, Class 14


Kilvrough 2015 - all of us!