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St Nicolas

Church of England Primary School, Abingdon

Children's thoughts after Kilvrough

"We arrived at the manor and I thought that it was massive.  Once we went inside it was like a very big house.  It had bedrooms and a sitting room - but the sitting room was huge.  I was worried I would get lost, but by the end of the first day we all knew our way around.  We did team-building on the first night, I think my team won but I'm not sure."
Pupil, Class 13


"Our time at Kilvrough was amazing.  I got to spend all my time with friends, some that I already had and some that I made there.  We were encouraged to support and help each other during our activities and it really helped."


"I was worried about the food at Kilvrough.  I didn't think I would like what they cooked, but I was wrong.  The food was amazing.  We all had to help out with the dinner serving and clearing away and I thought I would hate it but I enjoyed having a job to do.  The week went so quickly that I wish I could do it all again."